The Arch of Triumph in New York City

In April, the Institute of Digital Archaeology unveiled their 3D reproduction of the destroyed Triumphal Arch of Palmyra, in Trafalgar Square. Modelled by Vertex Modelling, the monument was resurrected in order to pay homage to many of the heritage sites that have been destroyed by the Islamic State. The Arch was displayed in London for three days and many people flocked to visit, paying their respects and appreciating the high level of detail and resemblance to the real thing.
The arch has taken a transatlantic journey to its new destination in New York City where it will be open for viewing for 5 days in City Hall Park from 19-23 September. New York is a city familiar with loss, and therefore it is an appropriate pied-a-terre for the Triumphal Arch, as it will stand as a symbol of unity for those victims of loss in both the East and the West.

The Arch was captured and reconstructed by Vertex Modelling in early 2016 by one of our most experienced 3D modellers, Eder de Souza. Eder initially created the basic shape in Maya and then began sculpting in the detail and decoration in ZBrush. All Eder had as a reference point were historical and tourist photographs, all with different lens distortion, which meant capturing the detail accurately was a challenge. He has over 5 years’ experience but even his skills were tested while completing this project.

The model was milled in Italy out of marble which was then washed with acid in order to simulate the 2000 years of weathering, in order for it to be as close to the colour of the original arch as possible. The arch was a rewarding project to have worked on. It allowed us, and the Institute of Digital Archaeology to show the world it is possible to recreate iconic structures which have been destroyed, and that nothing is gone forever. The resurrection of the Palmyra arch has served as comfort to those from Syria who knew the arch well, and also shows great advances in technology and was an amazing experience.

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