London 3D Model

Wide Area London 3D Model – Highly accurate, various levels of detail and very easy to use. Created using the latest Photogrammetric 3D technology and the highest resolution aerial imagery available our models are unparalleled in their accuracy. London 3D model is available in 4 different Levels of Detail (LOD)

Level 1 London 3D Model

Our Level of Detail 1 (LOD1) 3D Model is low detail urban massing model. LOD1 model is manually captured using Photogrammetry and includes simplified but geographically accurate building shapes and accurate unseparated terrain.

Level 2 London 3D Model

Level of Detail 2 (LOD2) 3D model is a combination of LOD1 buildings and LOD3 Terrain. It offers easy to use, cost effective and visually attractive 3D model of London. LOD2 model includes simplified building shapes and separated terrain.

Level 3 London 3D Model

Our flagship LOD3 model has high level detail, accuracy and usability. Buildings are captured with all major roof details. All man made structures visible in aerial imagery are captured. Terrain model includes land use separation.

Level 4 London 3D Model

Level 4 models are derived from level three models. LOD4 models include modelled facade detail and are ideal for street-level views. All LOD4 models are tailored to client requirements.

Textured London 3D Model

We texture our LOD1 – LOD4 models using terrestrial hi-res photography. These models are usually created to order on small-scale sites but wider area 3D Models are available.

3D Printed London Models

We 3D print architectural models using variety of 3D printers. Whether you need to 3D print a small scale wide area model or a foot tall detailed full color model of a Gherkin, we can help.