UK Wide 3D Models

Our state of the art photogrammetric production line combined with the ability to source the latest high-resolution aerial imagery means that we can produce highly accurate and detailed 3D models of virtually any site in the United Kingdom.

We capture UK sites in all levels of detail – from simple massing models to full detail LOD4 or even textured models. If your site is in rural area we can reduce the price per square kilometer to reflect the building density and complexity of capture – please contact us for more details.

Manchester 3D Model

Our Manchester 3D Model is captured to Level of Detail 3 (LOD3) with some sites such as Manchester City Etihad Stadium upgraded to Level of Detail 4 (LOD4). Larger model capture or upgrades available upon request.

Oxford 3D Model

3D Model of Oxford has been captured to Level of Detail 3 (LOD3). Key university buildings such as Nuffield Road building or Old Road building have been upgraded to Level of Detail 4 (LOD4). Please contact us for additional sites in Oxford.

Edinburgh 3D Model

The main focus of our Level of Detail 3 (LOD3) 3D model of Edinburgh is the Edinburgh castle and its immediate surrounds. The model is geographically accurate. Larger model capture or upgrades are available upon request.

Other UK 3D City Models

Our library includes smaller & site specific 3D models captured in many UK cities such as Cowes, IoW, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool or Reading. These can be extended to customer specification.

Suburbs & Rural 3D models

Our state-of-the-art production line can be employed to capture 3D models of Suburbs & Rural sites – from small sites to large-scale models. These models can be delivered in LOD1 – LOD4.

3D Models of UK Airports

Our library includes 3D Models of Heathrow and Garwick airports. Extensions and other UK airports can be captured to customer request / specification