Buy Wide Area 3D Models

To buy LOD1, LOD2 and LOD3 3D Models, simply use our Quoting Tool. As our models are fully modular you can mix and match different LODs to tailor your order to your requirements.

Level of Detail 1 (LOD1)

Level of Detail 2 (LOD2)

Level of Detail 3 (LOD3)

Buy Detailed LOD4 3D Models

There are 3 different ways of purchasing Detailed LOD4 3D Models. You can either buy a Scene from our selection of ready-made 3D models of the most popular areas of London, buy an LOD4 3D model(s) as part of Wide Area Model or even buy an individual detailed 3D model(s) from our List of LOD4 3D Models.

Wide Area Model with LOD4 models

To buy Detailed LOD4 3D Models as part of Wide Area Model, simply use our Quoting Tool and tell us which models you need in Level of Detail 4. Our models are fully modular and LOD4 models will match with any lower-level LOD models.

A Scene

We have parts of London available as set High-detail scenes. These can be purchased on their own or as part of Wide Area Model. Similar scenes can be produced to order – please Contact Us for more details.

LOD4 and Textured buildings

We have a library of individual 3D Models of London landmarks, bridges, stadiums and other structures available for direct download. Similar 3D models can be produced to order – please Contact Us for more details.

Buy 3D Printed Models

Our models are 3D print ready. To get your wide area models 3D printed, simply tick the corresponding box when using our Quoting Tool and in the notes section give an indication of the scale and material you have in mind. The quote will then be sent to you containing the price of 3D printing as well. If you require any additional services (for example part of the 3D printed model to be removable or if you need your scheme to be inserted into the model), please also write your request into the comments section or Contact Us.