Specialists in capturing the built environment

Wide Area London 3D Model – Highly accurate, various levels of detail, easy to use.

Photogrammetric surveys of the built environment. Sites captured anywhere in the UK.

3D Models of any site or landmark can be 3D printed in high resolution and full colour.


The first fully interactive digital 3D model of London.


ertex Modelling is a small team of remote sensing and 3D Modelling specialists. Based in the heart of London we create 3D models of built environments all over the UK. We work closely with leading surveying, property, BIM and design consultancies, architectural practices and CGI / VFX studios.


ertex Modelling specialise in creating the most accurate and detailed architectural 3D models. Utilising state-of-the-art remote sensing technology and the latest high-resolution imagery we have the ability to capture any site in London or in the world to unparalleled levels of detail and accuracy.
Textured 3D models for central London 4D ride
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Building an Accurate 3D model of London
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3D Model for the Harmonium Project
Case Studies
Textured 3D Model of London
Detailed 3D Models
3D model of Buckingham Palace
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