3D model of Buckingham Palace

Lately we have been working on some pretty exciting projects, one of which required us to model the façade of Buckingham Palace.


We began the modelling process by combining our LOD3 Photogrammetric model of the Palace and its surrounds with a very high resolution 3D laser scan of the front façade and gates. The two data sets matched up nicely and we were able to create a highly detailed and accurate model of the Palace. The renders you see here were created using Cinema 4D, its still a work in progress but something we wanted to share.


  • SOURCE IMAGERY: Flown Date 2009, 12cm GSD
  • DATE OF CAPTURE: September 2012
  • ACCURACY: 15cm

2012 Diamond Jubilee Royal Windsor Horse Show

Most of the time our 3D models are used for planning, vizualisation or marketing, but this time we were asked to do something different. Organizers of Diamond Jubilee Royal Windsor Horse Show used Vertex Modelling model of Buckingham Palace for the main stage – both the show and seeing our model used in this way was spectacular.

How to buy:

The Buckingham Palace 3D Model is a commercial product available in variety of formats. To fit your needs you can purchase either the palace on its own or as a part of a bigger site model. It is easy to buy the model; either contact us if you are interested in the entire model or individual buildings or use our Get a Quote tool to select an area you require.

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