Edinburgh 3D Model

Our Edinburgh 3D Model is a Level of Detail 3 (LOD3) Model centered on Edinburgh Castle and its surrounds. The model includes Usher Hall, Grassmarket Square and Argyle House.

This model has been manually captured from high resolution aerial imagery and is accurate to within 25 cms in x,y and z axis. The model is supplied geo-referenced and is ready to be used within any CAD or GIS platform as well as in SketchUp or 3D Studio Max. The terrain file of this model is separated into layers such as roads, rail, greenspace and water.


  • TOTAL AREA: Edinburgh City Centre
  • SOURCE IMAGERY: Flown Date 2013, 10cm GSD
  • DATE OF CAPTURE: Continuing capture
  • ACCURACY: 25cm
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 0.1 km sq
  • COST: from £3,500 + VAT / km sq

How to buy:

Areas of Edinburgh that are not available off the shelf in the Level of Detail that you require can be captured to order. Customers commissioning an area for capture benefit from our fair pricing policy which ensures that you will not pay more for commissioned capture than for 3D model available from our library. Upgrades to LOD4 models are also available, from single facades to entire city blocks.

To fit your needs you can purchase areas of 3D Model of Manchester sites from as little as 0.1 km sq up to a city wide 3D model. It is easy to buy the model; either contact us or use our Get a Quote tool to select the area you require and calculate an estimated cost.

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