London Level 3 Models (LOD3)

Our flagship Level 3 Models (LOD3) 3D Model of London is the most geographically accurate and detailed model of London on the market, manually captured from ultra-high resolution aerial imagery. The model is created using Photogrammetry and is accurate to within 15 cms in x,y and z axis.

The model is supplied with a terrain file separated into layers such as roads, rail, greenspace and water. The model is supplied geo-referenced and is ready to be used within any CAD or GIS platform as well as in SketchUp or 3D Studio Max.


  • TOTAL AREA: Central London
  • SOURCE IMAGERY: Flown Date 2013, 4cm GSD
  • DATE OF CAPTURE: Continuing capture
  • ACCURACY: 15cm
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 0.1 km sq
  • COST: from £3,500 + VAT / km sq

About our High Detail London 3D model:

We started to build our High Detail 3D model of London back in 2007. To achieve a consistent level of accuracy, we have created a single block of imagery that covers over 45km² of central London at up to 2.5cm/pixel resolution. Within this block we have used over 50,000 tie points and 251 ground control points; this ensures that any measurement taken is within 150mm of its real world location. In fact, measurements taken by us have come in at an average tolerance of 40mm compared to a full measured survey.

We are continually expanding and upgrading this model using 2013 and 2014 high-res aerial imagery. For customers who are interested in understanding how London will look in years to come, we can upgrade the model to include proposed and consented schemes.

How to buy:

The LOD3 3D Model of London is a commercial product available for purchase in variety of formats. To fit your needs you can purchase sites from as little as 0.1 km sq up to a city wide 3D model. It is easy to buy the model; either contact us or use our Get a Quote tool to select the area you require and calculate an estimated cost.

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