Piccadilly Circus LOD4 Model

Piccadilly Circus is one of the busiest places in London and was built to connect Regent Street to Piccadilly. It is one of the biggest tourist attactions in the city with more than 40 million people using the underground station each year to see The Criterion Theatre, The Shaftesbury memorial and London Pavillion.
We have been expanding our wide area London model for some time now and as part of this we have upgraded number of popular London locations. As Piccadilly Circus is such an iconic place we decided to bring the location to life in more detail. We have upgraded the whole of the Piccadilly Circus area to LOD4 – the highest level of detail we offer, and have added materials to the model making it ready for 3D printing. The model can serve a number of purposes, including visualization, animations, VR, AR and many more.

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