Stamford Bridge Stadium 3D Model

Stamford Bridge, built in 1876, is the home to one of London’s top football teams, Chelsea FC. The stadium itself, known as ‘The Bridge’ is actually located in Fulham’s SW6 postcode and has a capacity of more than 40,000 with a field size of 103 x 67m. Before Chelsea FC took residency at the stadium in 1905, it was occupied by London Athletic Club. Today the stadium hosts a number of international and cup football matches as well as American football, baseball, rugby, cricket and even greyhound racing.


Stamford Bridge was modelled using reference images taken on site with a high resolution camera. Using the LoD3 basic model we made sure the heights of the LoD4 were accurate and details positioned correctly. In order to keep things as accurate and realistic as possible we used photos and our LoD3 photogrammetric model. The model was then textured to give it an extra level of realism and to create the most striking model possible.
  • SOURCE IMAGERY: Flown Date 2014, 6.5cm GSD + reference images
  • ACCURACY: 15cm
  • COST: £350

How to buy:

The Stamford Bridge 3D Model is a commercial product available in variety of formats. To fit your needs you can purchase either the stadium on its own or as a part of a bigger site model. It is easy to buy the model; either contact us if you are interested in the entire model or individual buildings or use our Get a Quote tool to select an area you require.

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