Textured 3D Model of London

We texture our LOD1 – LOD4 models using high resolution terrestrial photography. These 3D models are usually created to order on small-scale sites but texturing wider area 3D Models is also available. We are able to texture all features in 3D scene from buildings to roads and roof details.

All textures are applied manually by our texture artists. In order to apply textures we remodel our 3D models in 3D Studio Max and create UV Maps. These can be converted into lower resolution if required.


  • TOTAL AREA: Central London
  • SOURCE IMAGERY: LOD2, LOD3 and LOD4 models + High-res terrestrial photography
  • DATE OF CAPTURE: Continuing capture
  • LEVEL OF DETAIL: Textured Models

How to buy:

The LOD4 model of London is available in variety of formats with prices starting from £150 + VAT / building. It is easy to buy LOD4 models; either contact us or use our LOD4 Models Map or List of LOD4 Models to select LOD4 models that you require and calculate an estimated cost.

If you require LOD4 model as part of wide area model please either contact us or use our Get a Quote tool to select the area you require and tell us which buildings you require in LOD4 in footnote.

Please remember that you can order custom LOD4 upgrade if you don’t find a site or building you are looking for.

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