High-Res Textured models for central London 4D ride

Vertex Modelling teamed up with Illusive to create a 3D model for a 4D simulation used at the new attraction in County Hall, London. The animation is featured in a children’s attraction consisting of a walk through as well as a ride in which the visitors can fly around London on a double decker bus.

3D Model of County Hall, London

This textured 3D model is based on our LOD4 model. As all our LOD4 models are upgraded LOD3 Models, the model fits seamlessly with our Wide Area 3D London model.

The model has been created using ultra high-res photogrammetry and textured to very high standard. As the animation was focusing on embankment, rear facing textures are 8k, south facing and courtyard textures are of lower quality as they would not feature as much in the animation.

3D Model of Ministry of Defence, London

Scenes created for the animation include flying across the London Eye and skimming the River Thames. During this time you get a full view of the textured front façade of County Hall. The model was captured using high-red aerial photogrammetry, using high-res aerial imagery, in order to create a model of London to millimetre accuracy including building façade and terrain detail.

We were very proud to have our model feature in such a popular London attraction and to show what talents our modellers and photogrammetrists have here at Vertex.

We also offer other iconic London landmarks which have been modelled and textured very accurately. All of these models fit into our wider London model and can be ordered.

Official Promo Video