Textured Tower of London Model

Recently we have been working on a number of interesting projects and one we are really pleased with is the Tower of London model. The Tower of London is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions, and it was really great to see it coming together to look so realistic.

In order to model the Tower of London, we first created an LOD3 model. This is a model captured manually by our photogrammetry team, using high-res photography. The resulting model is accurate to within 15cm in all axes and has very detailed roof structures and some façade features.

The majority of the façade detail was added by our in-house 3D modelling team. Starting from the LOD3 model, they again used high-res photography to model the interior faces of the Tower, Jewel House and all other buildings, street furniture (such as lamps, benches and the most glamorous part of the project – bins) using Autodesk’s Maya, and trees using IDV Inc’s Speedtree. These already highly detailed façade models were then further improved by UV mapping and texturing in Maya and Maxon’s Bodypaint, using the high-res photography as reference. Renders were then produced in Maxon’s Cinema4D.

“The result is a highly accurate and realistic recreation of the Tower of London, created for planning purposes, but ideal for many others.” – John, 3D Modelling Team Supervisor

“One of the challenges I faced texturing the Tower of London was representing the variation in the extremely old brick as no two parts of a building were alike. Also the compound itself was swarming with tourists so taking accurate picture references was difficult but the finished product looks great and captures the moody gothic atmosphere. I’m really pleased with the result.”  – Ellie, 3D Modeller & Texture Artist

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