Vertex Modelling helps to deliver spectacular light show with millimeter accuracy

Vertex Modelling, the remote sensing and 3D Modelling specialists have created a bespoke digital 3D model of the Edinburgh’s Usher Hall for world class production company 59 Productions. The model was used to facilitate the creation of The Harmonium Project, which opened the Edinburgh International Festival on 7th August 2015.

The Harmonium Project is a world-class sound and light spectacular, combining technology and art to stunning effect. A recording of John Adam’s choral work Harmonium was relayed across Festival Square to animated graphics projected onto Usher Hall.


In order to create the display, which required precise coordination of graphics onto the facades of the building, we captured a digital 3D replica of the building, allowing 59 Productions to create the display. We used high-resolution aerial photogrammetry to capture the wide area 3D Model of Edinburgh city centre. Once wide area model has been captured we used a combination of terrestrial photogrammetry and architectural drawings to create the facade details of Usher Hall.

This allowed 59 Productions to create the light show that perfectly matched the contours of the building, ahead of the event, allowing for a spectacular show on the day.

Michal Konicek, Manager at Vertex Modelling, said: “We specialise in creating accurate and detailed models of existing environments. We have a highly skilled team who captured the base model for The Harmonium Project using our wide area 3D Model of Edinburgh, elevations and reference photographs. Giving the shape of Usher Hall and millimetre accuracies required, we have really pushed ourselves to the limits. We are delighted to have worked with 59 Productions on such a fantastic event, bringing Usher Hall to life for the opening of the Edinburgh International Festival, ensuring that the show went off without a glitch.”

Richard Slaney, Managing Director at 59 Productions, said: “Vertex Modelling’s 3D model of Usher Hall allowed us to calibrate the projections to the façade ahead of the live show. This was really important as there is a lot of complexity involved when projecting onto curved facades. Using such an accurate 3D model was a great advantage and allowed us to curate a technical and beautiful show. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vertex Modelling on such a unique project.”

More info: 59 Productions

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