The Oval Cricket Ground

The Oval cricket ground, which is known as the Kia Oval because of sponsorship, opened in 1845 and is located in Kennington, South London. It has been the home of Surrey Cricket Club ever since it opened and is owned by Duchy of Cornwall. There are two ends of the stadium known as the Pavillion End and the Vauxhall End. The stadium has a capacity of 26,000 and it was the first stadium in the England to host the international test cricket matches. In 2002, the stadium was expanded, which involved the demolition and rebuilding of  the North stands; Surridge, Jardine, Peter May and Fender and replacing them with a 4 tier grandstand called the OCS stand. In 2007 the ground was expanded again which saw the south stands; Lock, Laker and Peter May being demolished and a new one built. In 2013 the OCS stand was expanded to include ‘wings’ on either side, which increased the capacity by 1000. The Peter May and Tony Lock stands were once again demolished in 2015 to create one large stand called Peter May, named after the famous captain of the English cricket team.


We began the modelling process by capturing the building in our LOD3 level of detail, which includes all roof details, as well as the general proportions of the walls. This was conducted using high resolution aerial photography. Once this was complete we used high resolution terrestrial photography to model the exterior and some façade details. Due to time constraints and our clients’ brief we didn’t model each individual seat, instead representing them by block.
  • SOURCE IMAGERY: 2014, 6.5cm GSD
  • ACCURACY: 15cm
This model, along with several others, was made for use on the London Eye’s displays used in each observation pod. The idea being that visitors could spin the building around to see it from all directions and get a clearer impression of what they were seeing from the windows. The Oval in particular is quite distant. Most of the time our 3D models are used for planning, visualisation or marketing but can be used in a number of ways. In addition to the Oval we also have Lord’s Cricket Ground.

How to buy:

The Oval 3D Model is a commercial product available in variety of formats. To fit your needs you can purchase either the stadium on its own or as a part of a bigger site model. It is easy to buy the model; either contact us if you are interested in the entire model or individual buildings or use our Get a Quote tool to select an area you require.

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