Ultimaker 2 Extended Plus

Last week we had our brand new Ultimaker 2 Extended Plus 3D printer delivered! The printer has a nice clean design, with a robot on the side. It also comes with a variety of nozzles and allows a number of different materials for printing.

The first thing we were able to make was a robot, we tested this using PLA – we used the second smallest nozzle which gave us great results, we then decided to test out the white PLA and made the robot again.

Once we’d finished making robots we decided to be a bit more adventurous and wanted to try and print a tile of the Barbican.

We reverted back to the silver/grey PLA and printed it. The model looked good, but probably needed to use the smaller nozzle to capture the detail properly. But generally not bad for a first attempt.

After finishing the Barbican we were itching to print something new and decided to print our own office building. We used the white PLA for this and results were good, except for a small problem of the terrain coming away from itself. The one thing we need to get right is knowing with nozzle to use!

Looking forward to printing our next model!

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