VUCITY at Geo Business 2016

Geo Business kicked off today, with the Business Design Centre buzzing with drones, laser scanners and people looking at the latest in geospatial software. The team behind VUCITY set up today for the first day of Geo Business ready to show all geospatial enthusiasts what this model has to offer.

VUCITY is an innovative 3D model which has a variety of uses. Maybe most importantly it can offer solutions to many of the problems faced by planners, developers and architects regarding London’s as-built environment. It seamlessly combines current, proposed and consented developments to display a London of the future. In addition to this, real-time Transport for London camera feeds have been embedded in the model, making the model sophisticated and connected to the city in a way no other model has ever been. Other features of the model include overlay of TFL transport links, LVMF protected views and sunlight paths to help planners visualise their proposals and the restrictions they may face. The model covers central London and City of London and is growing every month.

The first day got off to a good start with many people coming to see VUCITY and browsing the virtual city using our giant tablets. We were thrilled to be able to show how VUCITY could be useful to your businesses, whether it be insurance quoting, weather analyses, real-estate projects or visual fx. People seemed to particularly enjoy jumping years or even decades ahead to show what London will look like at that time when all of the proposed and consented buildings have been put in place.

The model is constantly being updated and was even updated on site yesterday. There is always new and improved functionality as well as additional tools and features for our model, and the model is also compatible with overlaying datasets which means the limitations of the model go only as far as the limitations of your imagination. The newest addition to the model is the realistic trees which are accurate in height and canopy width with many more additions to come.

Michal Konicek of Vertex Modelling is hosting a workshop where he will offer insight into some of the functionality of the model. He aims to explore the applications of interactive 3D city models combined with GIS and custom data in game engines. The workshop should also focus on the future of VUCITY and what is yet to come. The workshop will take place at 10:15am in Room 5. We would like to welcome you all to Stand K31 and the VUCITY workshop.

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