VUCITY Workshop at Geo Business

The second day of VUCITY began with even more people coming to the Business Design Centre to see latest cameras, drones, software and equipment for the geospatial industry.

Michal Konicek and Jason Hawthorne kicked off the day with a workshop about VUCITY. The room was completely packed with people desperate to see what VUCITY is capable of. Michal began by explaining how the model has been captured, and to what level of accuracy and flew across the city showing how it has all been pieced together. He gave some insight into the different levels of detail offered by Vertex Modelling and the models they capture, and how the London model is updated and kept accurate.

Jason then took over and went further into the tools and functionality of the model. He focused on the ability to view London in its current state, as well as how it would look 10, 20 and even 30 years down the line with the new developments in the pipeline. He was able to show the LVMF viewing corridors, and how these can assist in the planning process for architects and planners and also visually demonstrate how overlays of data sets are fully compatible with the model.

The Vertex team all came down to Geo Business over the two days and were able to have a little fun with the equipment from other exhibitors. Sandor and Katie were laser scanned by the Leica team, with some hilarious results. It was a great day for networking and also seeing some familiar faces. 

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