VUCITY – first ever fully interactive 3D digital model of London

VUCITY is a joint venture between digital communications agency Wagstaffs Design and Vertex Modelling. It took us over 2 years to capture the 3D Model and to develop a method of accurately importing the area of over 100km sq of London into a game engine. We also added number of core functionalities such as sun paths visualisations, number of cameras and the ability to turn on and off planned and proposed developments.

The result of this process is VUCITY – first ever fully interactive 3D digital model of London.


VUCITY allows developers, planners and architects to add their existing, current and proposed developments, overlay city and environmental data but also – as the model is georeferenced – to overlay and display their own databases and GIS databases.
  • Existing / Planned / Proposed developments in context of London
  • Import, visualise and assess your own schemes
  • Viewing corridors & River prospects visualisation
  • Preliminary overshadowing visualisation
  • Street views visualisations
  • Custom GIS databases overlays


The 3D Model in VUCITY covers over 100 km sq of central London and contains all LOD2, LOD3 and a Terrain Models in this area. LOD2 model is accurate to 30cm in all axes and LOD3 model is accurate to 15cm.

Large number of landmark buildings such as skyscrapers in the City of London, The Shard and all Thames bridges are upgraded to Level of Detail 4. Proposed and consented developments are constantly being added to the model.

3D Model in VUCITY is regularly upgraded and 5+ km sq of new LOD2 model is added to the model every month.