What We Do

Vertex Modelling specialise in creating the most accurate and detailed architectural 3D models. Utilising state-of-the-art remote sensing technology we have the ability to capture any site in London or the rest of the UK. Using the latest high-resolution aerial imagery we model sites to unparalleled levels of detail and accuracy.


Vertex Modelling have access to ultra high resolution imagery, this allows us to see and capture more detail than the rest. We have the resources to model sites from as small as a few neighboring properties to entire city blocks with varying levels of detail. Our models are supplied as standard in a solid format not 3D faces, this allows façade features such as window and door detail to be simply added. Models can be sliced into floors or extensions added with speed and simplicity. We also offer custom photogrammetric surveys, if you need to know the exact location of traffic light or railway signals, no problem, we can supply an accurate terrain model with these specific features added.


Created using the latest Photogrammetric 3D technology and the highest resolution aerial imagery available our models are unparalleled in their accuracy. We have created a single block of imagery that covers over 45sq km of central London at up to 2.5cm/pixel resolution. Within this block we have used over 50,000 tie points and 251 ground control points, this ensures that any measurement taken is within 150mm of its real world location. In fact measurements taken by us have come in at an average tolerance of 40mm compared to a full measured survey.
However please do not assume that we are limited to capturing models in London only, we can use the same principles for any UK, European or World Wide city. Our models are supplied geo-referenced and ready to be used within any CAD or GIS platform.
Number of tie points
Number of ground control points
Accuracy in mm of LOD3 Model